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Posts by Natalia Morozoff

END Suffering in Yourself

Do you feel that nobody can understand your emotional pain and suffering? What if the suffering that goes on the inside your mind is not real? The brain is at the centre of the nervous system. It creates associations between memories and present experiences, then interprets the reality for us. We see what we expect to…

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Childhood​ Traumas Can Affect Health Across​ a Lifetime

Childhood wounds can have a lifelong effect on us. We are vulnerable to psychological traumas when little because of our rapid brain development. Over time these traumatic experiences can have a significant impact on our behaviour, perception, physical and mental health. Some traumas can be linked to today’s traumatic reactions like anxiety, depression, panic attacks…

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Want to ​Quit Smoking?

We know that smoking is bad for our health and can cause cancer, lung diseases, heart disease and many other problems. Then why do so many people keep smoking? Nicotine is addictive and affects human emotions, mood and behaviour. When a smoker uses tobacco to help manage unpleasant emotions and feelings, it can become a…

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You are Perfect​ in Your​ Imperfection

World of abundance is all around us. Then how come do we struggle to find happiness? Why do we have so many challenges and problems? Why do we feel alone in this big place? So many questions in mind… Struggling to find happiness and feel like luck has abandoned your life? Come for a Counselling…

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Humans are very curious creatures. We not only curious about things we see, smell, hear, touch, taste or feel, but also about reasons and causes for things. And only humans can ask the question “why?” There are different curiosity types. Sometimes we are afraid of things we do not understand or know about and we…

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