Humans are very curious creatures. We not only curious about things we see, smell, hear, touch, taste or feel, but also about reasons and causes for things. And only humans can ask the question “why?”

There are different curiosity types. Sometimes we are afraid of things we do not understand or know about and we become curious and learn to know more, to find answers so we feel less afraid. Of course, technology has allowed us to get rid of many specific curiosity types of things. But there are so many other things we wonder about and seeking more knowledge and understanding. 

I am sure that everyone at some stages of their life wondered about why we exist, what is our purpose or what happens after death? Even tho we can find different theories, hold-on to certain beliefs or even experience something unknown, we still can not come to solid answers and sometimes draw a line between our imagination and reality. Sure, we might have different learning experiences and awakenings on the way, but it never stops there and always more required to understand and feed our curiosity to continue the evolution.

Regardless of your current believes or theories, you hold on to, you still wonder and keep your eyes open to new information, especially when you are on cross-roads of your life journey. Sometimes you might feel stuck, challenged, stressed, anxious, depressed or experience other uncomfortable feelings or symptoms. Well, this is a perfect time to expand your awareness. Begin to question what you know. Look for fresh possibilities and new discoveries. During those difficult times, we grow and develop more than ever. So instead of suffering and feeling petty for yourself, begin to look for ways to move forward into new and better you. This is your opportunity to grow and to expand!

Age and Past Life Regression

One of the most amazing techniques that can help you on this journey of awakening uses hypnosis to recover past memories either earlier in life or even what some might believe past life(s). The goal is to relief from mental and emotional symptoms, gain clearer thinking, deeper understanding of your challenges, gain conscious control over your body, prevent or heal stress-related disease, release limiting thoughts and behaviours, create healthier relationships and patterns, free yourself from any past traumas, fear of future, become more motivated and emotionally stronger to make changes you seek, gain more self-control and self-confidence, change to more beneficial and healthy perspective, shift your priorities and values, recover from grief and loss etc.

Age Regression hypnotic technique is when you recall past memories that you forgot about and after hypnosis, you might consciously remember them happened to you before. Past Life Hypnotic Regression technique is when you “move” back in time to re-experience a supposed previous existence. 

According to Wikipedia “Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. The practice is widely considered discredited and unscientific by medical practitioners, and experts generally regard claims of recovered memories of past lives as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation. confabulation. Past-life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience or in a psychotherapeutic setting. Most advocates loosely adhere to beliefs about reincarnation, though religious traditions that incorporate reincarnation generally do not include the idea of repressed memories of past lives.”

Find out for yourself

Sure, there is no scientific proof, yet working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for years, I see how it helps people to change their lives for better, get relief from stress, anxiety, fears and phobias, clearing their headspace, finding the root and cause of their problems, self-heal themselves, remove emotional and physical blocks and replacing with sense of calmness and inner peace, experiencing past life connections with people in their current life and gaining better understanding of their relationships, expanding awareness and become more healthier and happier. 

And, this is our goal, right?! 

So, why don’t you try it for yourself and open another door to self-discovery? It is a gentle and safe form of Hypnotherapy. You can come to just a single session or more to go deeper in your journey of awakening. 

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