In difficult times, when life feels like it has no meaning, having and maintaining a sense of self worth can be extraordinarily arduous. But that feeling is an illusion invented by the mind to protect itself from the responsibility of knowing that you are better, and that you can overcome anything. We can help learn these powerful truths about yourself. Book an appointment at the West End Wellness Centre on 1300 994 948 or email us at info@qlvpsychology.com.au and we will provide you with integrative therapy tailored to your unique issues and trauma, so that you can truly know yourself and what you want in life.

West End

QLV Psychology enjoys a comfortable location in West End, one of Brisbane’s most culturally vibrant suburbs. Indulge in the luscious and the exotic in our favourite location, Eastern and Mediteranian cuisines, delicious cocktails, curios stores and more. West End’s op-shops offer an eclectic selection of clothing and other goods for the thrifty shopper, and bookstores a plenty to satisfy one’s appetite for knowledge. For these reasons, not to mention West End’s convenient location, West End is a pleasant destination for residents and visitors alike. This makes West End the ideal home for QLV Psychology, and we couldn’t ask for a better location to facilitate the healing process.

Counselling Brisbane

In an increasingly technological world saturated in information, it’s difficult to find true meaning, let alone know what that is in the first place. The term is exceedingly nebulous in a time when occupations are becoming progressively automated, and artisanal professions are fading into our distant memory. QLV Psychology wants to help you feel more in control of your life, and help you to unlock your inner potential. We offer a number of counselling services that help promote a stronger self-image, healthier boundaries, and we provide an environment of care and confidentiality where you can delve deep into your thoughts with a compassionate professional who takes what you say seriously. We realise that the person who knows you best is yourself, and we work to facilitate your personal growth by identifying your distinctive qualities and assisting you in making your unique abilities work for you.


There is a tremendous amount of evidence that supports counselling therapy and the positive effects it has on the mind and, consequently, the body. Stress and anxiety have been demonstrated to have ill effects on the body, if left unremedied for an extended period of time. Counselling therapy is the best means by which to alleviate these negative side effects, meanwhile expanding your self-awareness, improving your self-confidence and self-esteem, and gaining a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings. At QLV Psychology we use evidence based integrative therapies that draw from a large pool of psychotherapeutic techniques. This holistic approach recognises that no two individuals are alike and that different people will require treatment that is tailored to their needs, as opposed to more traditional forms of therapy that demand adherence to a strict and rigid approach that doesn’t account for the unique qualities that set a person apart from another.

Counselling offers more than just attempting to “fix” one issue after the trauma has already occurred, but we work collaboratively with you to ensure that you are equipped with the right tools, and the most positive attitude toward yourself, that will ensure that you can cope with new stressors as they arise, ultimately making you more resilient to uncertainty in the future. An unstable childhood and other traumatic events can cause ongoing grief that tempts the mind into unhelpful modes of thinking and unhealthy attitudes and beliefs about oneself. At QLV Psychology, we believe in your potential, and we know that deep down you believe in yourself too.


Service Areas

QLV Psychology is located in West End, Brisbane. Although if travel is difficult for you we can come to you. Home visit counselling is available to certain parts of Brisbane, starting from an additional $10 per hour, depending on your location and parking availability. QLV Psychology offers a caring, attentive space where you can be free from judgement. Contact QLV Psychology on 1300 994 948 to get in touch with Natalia Morozoff and find out more about what Brisbane locations are accessible by Quantum Leap Vision.

Adults, teenagers and children are welcome. Sessions can be one-off or ongoing, depending on your or your child’s needs and the type of therapies we’ve identified as ideal for you.

Natalia has a Master of Education, a Diploma of Counselling, a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and Pranic Psychotherapy qualifications. Natalia keenly observes the most up-to-date and frontier psychotherapeutic techniques in the psychological field and it is with this attitude toward the growing body of research and methods that she is able to continually add to her scholarship in this profession.


QLV Psychology aims to promote a culture of self-knowledge and we can help you find meaning and purpose in life.

With Natalia’s aptitude for empathy and proficiency in her field, QLV can provide you with the guidance and sense of self-worth that you need. You deserve to live a good life, full of rewarding experiences, and lasting happiness. Contact us on 1300 994 948 or you can email us at: info@qlvpsychology.com.au for a caring chat.