School of Resilience

Get stronger, more resilient and happier –
because you can!

“Happiness is a by product of character. In people who are developing a strong character, there is a dramatically higher level of happiness than those who live to chase after the next good time.”


Do you want to give your child the best head start he/she can get in managing and coping with adversity? Our School of Resilience workshop program is designed to give children the skills needed to overcome obstacles and truly prosper from the full range of experiences life has to offer.

Hosted in our office in West End for individual sessions and in a convenient, comfortable and cozy setting in Brisbane Metro area for group workshops by our founder Natalia Morozoff (M.Education., Dip.Counselling, Dip.C.Hypnosis, NLP, Energy Psychotherapy), this workshop has been created in line with Natalia’s extensive experience in these fields.

The main focus of this program is to help students to build psychological resilience and emotional intelligence to cope with ups and downs, bounce back from challenges, help children to develop their skills and habits that will help them deal with challenges during adolescence and adulthood. This program helps students to increase academic achievement, decrease antisocial behavior and increase prosocial behavior, to get stronger, more resilient and happier.

Some areas covered in the program are: bullying, cyberbullying, discrimination, racism, psychological and emotional resilience, social and emotional learning, character building, leadership, health and wellbeing, mental health, positive psychology, habits, self-discipline, life balance, optimism, creativity, happiness, mindfulness, circle of concern and circle of influence expansion, letting go, law of attraction and goals setting.

This workshop program can also be customized to suit the needs of different schools and be facilitated at convenient locations.

Call us now on 1300 994 948 to find out more or continue reading for a detailed breakdown of the program!



  • 1 Initial individual consultation for parents
  • 2 Individual coaching / counselling session
  • 6 Individual coaching / counselling session
  • 7 Individual coaching / counselling session

7 Steps Program Breakdown

  • 1 Initial individual consultation will take ~ (approx) 2 hours. This is the opportunity for parents to discuss different concerns, ask questions in a safe, secure and confidential environment.
  • 2 The ~ 2 hour Individual session for a child is the opportunity to meet individually and talk about challenges that arise.
  • 3 First group workshop runs for ~ 4 hours and focuses on exploring the core of this program, opening up many burning issues young people facing today in an engaging and interactive setting.
  • 4 Second group workshop runs for ~ 4 hours and focuses on support. Through this workshop, we unfold fresh ideas on how to take control of your life without force or suffering, building self-confidence and shifting from life of struggle into the life of enjoyment and creation.
  • 5 Third group workshop runs for ~ 4 hours and focuses on creating a strong and positive vision for the future, learning to expand awareness and letting go.
  • 6 The ~ 2 hours Individual session is a private time for each child to re-cap all learned material and work on individual needs.
  • 7 The ~ 2 hours Individual session is recommended ~ after a couple of weeks break. This private session is focused on skills acquired and knowledge from the program, refreshing individual goals and plan of action. Each individual / private session is customised and adjusted to suit your child’s needs based on your priorities.

Upcoming Program Times for High School Girls

Step 1: Initial consultation with parent - book directly
Step 2: Individual session - book directly before step 3 workshop
Step 3: Group workshop - 02/07/19
Step 4: Group workshop - 03/07/19
Step 5: Group workshop - 04/07/19
Step 6: Individual session - book directly
Step 7: Individual session - book directly


This program is priced at a very low investment of $ 770 and covers over 20 hours face to face of learning, coaching, counselling, practice.
Next workshop for High School Girls Early Bird Special - $ 495 (if booked before 30th of April 2019 or until sold-out, limited places available).
Workshops will be in a convenient, comfortable and cozy setting, Brisbane metro area (more details coming up later).
Private sessions conducted in West End / South Brisbane area. Alternatively, home visits can be booked (conditions and extra fees apply)
The program can be purchased throughout the website.
All individual sessions must be booked and confirmed directly on 1300 994 948 /
Non-refundable, non-transferable, group workshops non-flexible, the trainer can cancel without notice if not fully booked.


During the School of Resilience course everyone will have the opportunity to learn new skills and become aware of:

  • Your previously unknown behavioral patterns
  • Learning more about human psychology
  • Allow students to explore the areas of social competence
  • Attachment to family, to school and to learning
  • Increase your sense of responsibility and sense of purpose and hope for the future
  • Expanding the circle of concern and circle of influence
  • Prosocial values
  • Gaining a sense of self-efficacy
  • Positive self-regard
  • Problem-solving and effective coping style
  • Develop more confidence and self-esteem
  • Attain happiness, and much much more


Our vision and mission are to help our students to build psychological resilience and emotional intelligence to cope with ups and downs, and bounce back from challenges, to help children to develop their skills and habits that will help them deal with challenges later in life, during adolescence and adulthood.


Every child is unique and all children are capable of extraordinary things. Greatness, success, and happiness lie in all of them. Everyone faces different challenges on the way. Helping children and teenagers to learn valuable skills to ensure these challenges make them more resilient. Resilience can be strengthened at any age. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stress, cope with traumas, challenges, tragedy adversity, thus becoming not just more adaptable and flexible, but also more curious and brave.

During times of stress, the body undergoes changes: Blood pressure increases, adrenaline, and cortisol surge through the body, and your heart rate increases. This is useful to us in the short-term to make us faster and more alert, but in the long-term, it can weaken our immune system, and greatly increase our proneness to anxiety, depression, and other health problems. You need to take action in managing your child’s stress particularly if you notice the following: He or she becomes more emotional, withdrawn or needlessly defiant, suffers from a loss of appetite, over-eating, becoming angry, hostile or resentful, sudden changes to their sleeping routine, difficulty concentrating, headaches, stomach issues, and signs of anxiety and/or depression. We provide counselling for children to boost their Psychological Resilience and Emotional Intelligence, so your child can manage their stress during changing, stressful, and challenging circumstances.

Too often parents will overlook the importance of providing their children with the tools for gaining rewarding life experiences and the lasting happiness that follows, and will instead seek out providing only short-term, fleeting moments of “getting what you want”. You can dramatically improve your child’s chances of genuine happiness, just by the way you raise him or her.


How can you ensure your child’s happiness lasts into and continues throughout adulthood?

Happiness isn’t gained from single, momentary instances of gratification, it’s achieved through working toward worthwhile, long-term goals.

The latest research on happiness provides some powerful insights: External circumstances don’t affect our happiness a great deal once our survival, safety, and basic comforts are met. Our genes are a contributing factor in happiness, but so are the habits we’ve formed around our mood. It might seem counterintuitive to imagine happiness as a habit, but by the time we’re adults, many of us have settled into the habit of being unhappy.

It’s important to make habits that create happiness part of our lives so that they become automatic and act to protect us instead of having to regain lost ground after the fact. Some of these habits are learned from outside sources, the habits taught to us by our elders: being diligent in our work, valuing the relationships we share with others, maintaining our physical well-being, being responsible with our finances, and contributing something of value to our society. Some habits, on the other hand, are learned from within, such as managing our moods and cultivating optimism.


How can counselling for children provide your son or daughter with the healthy habits and attitudes that lead to ongoing happiness?

Too often do we buy into bad habits such as not observing our self-worth or trusting in our intuition. Lasting happiness is achieved through re-learning the good habits that we knew as children before we began listening to the unhelpful limitations we’ve placed on ourselves.


Psychological resilience is the capacity for an individual who has developed psychological and behavioral capabilities that allow them to maintain their calm during turbulent periods and to be able to bounce back from the crisis without being burdened by the long-term baggage associated with the incident.

Resilience isn’t simply the consequence of overcoming trauma but also comes with the routine stressors of everyday life. A healthy amount of obstacles in one’s daily life is critical in developing resilience, not trying to avoid stress altogether. Finding this “correct” amount of stress can be difficult, as it varies from person to person, but resilience is simply the capacity to integrate the good circumstances and the bad and to retain normative developments that occur throughout the critical stages of life. Resilience doesn't simply mean to overcome a deeply stressful situation, but to also be able to come out of the other side of adversity as a more competent and resourceful person.

School Of Resilience Workshop

This counselling workshop is developed for children, teenagers and parents/caretakers to equip you with life-skills, develop abilities to cope and thrive in the face of negative events, challenges, and adversity.

Our counselling in Brisbane is about raising awareness and understanding, utilizing real-world scenarios and challenges to grow and develop into an enduring and resilient human-being.

In life, there will always be a hardship, and it won’t get any easier, but we become stronger and more resilient!