Counselling Workshops

QLV Psychology is running small and large group programs for children and adults such as; counselling workshops, seminars, group therapies, hypnotherapy, coaching sessions and more. Each workgroup focuses on different topics and helps participants develop many useful skills and gain more knowledge in needed areas while sharing and exploring their potential.

Our focus is to help people shift the paradigm from suffering and survival to excitement and vitality by finding individual elasticity in our unpredictable world and unlocking their full potential. There are many benefits to group work and learning. First of all, people can save money by accessing group work, as it costs much less than individual sessions. Secondly, group therapy helps you realize that you are not alone. According to Yalom in The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, “Many patients enter therapy with the disquieting thought that they are unique in their wretchedness, that they alone have certain frightening or unacceptable problems, thoughts, impulses, and fantasies.” 

Although it’s true that you’re an individual with individual problems, no-one is alone in what they suffer. Group work offers the chance to truly understand this through participation, feedback and connection, which minimizes feelings of isolation. You will be able to see others dealing with similar problems and build a common and co-operative goal in this way.

A group session under the tutelage of a trained professional can help to take the benefits of such an activity and the value that other perspectives can offer and steer them steadily toward your personal goals with a real sense of purpose and a clear path forward in your life.

Upcoming Events

PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN WORKSHOP -1 (feeling overwhelmed) / children

Coming up on the 11th of April 10:00 AM, during the school holidays. 

This small group 2 hours workshop is for primary school children. Focus: building psychological resilience and emotional intelligence to cope with ups and downs, developing skills and habits that help to deal with challenges during adolescence and adulthood. 

Be quick to book, early bird specials $39, limited places. To book and for more information  click here


Coming up on the 14th of April, 6:00 PM session. (10 am session is SOLD OUT now, 6pm session still places available)

DIVE DEEPER INTO YOUR PERSONAL STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES Hypnosis can be performed one on one in a clinical office setting, or it can be done in a group setting with other people. Hypnosis takes places in the brains of each individual and can be a very beneficial and inexpensive way to resolve some common issues and concerns you might be struggling with. Group hypnotherapy can be great value for money because we can take more than one person at a time. When you come to a group session, you also have the ability to talk with other people who experienced something similar. Group hypnotherapy is a good way to experience hypnosis in a relaxing way with other people around. Some people feel less nervous because they are not along with the therapist.

Only $49 / places are limited. To book and more information click here



Coming up on the 23rd of May, 11:30 AM session. 

Treat yourself with relaxing meditation to release stress, anxiety, clear your mind & rejuvenate your body & soul!

Only $19 / places are limited. To book and more information click here

School of Resilience

The School of Resilience is an educational program designed to provide children with the tools to be able to manage difficult emotions and work through crises as they arise instead of merely attempting to use band-aid solutions once the damage has already been dealt. Call us now on 1300 994 948 to find out more about the School of Resilience coming up workshops for girls and how it will benefit your child in turbulent times of change, such as moving house and having to leave their friends behind, or being swamped by the pressures of their academic life, or the death of a loved one, close friend, family member, or mentor (guiding force in their life).

These steps are summarised on this page, although [click here] for a more thorough insight into the full program.


Resilience is your child’s capacity to cope with tumultuous circumstances in their lives and their ability to bounce back from the struggles faced during childhood and adolescence. Bolstering your child’s resilience assists children in not only being able to confidently confront the immediate barriers of everyday life but also to overcome them. And from this comes their ability to adopt a new arsenal of skills and habits that will ensure they can overcome challenges later in their adolescent and adult lives, with confidence and poise.

Your child’s mastery over their resilience is a crucial skill in improving their mental durability. Often, in being confronted with difficult events and stress, children with improved resilience are far more equipped to manage stress. The best way to avoid the long term consequences of inescapable stress, which can often lead to anxiety, and depression, is to take the first step and to provide and to place your child into the counselling workshop that is best suited to managing their unique experiences. Don’t let your child become a statistic in the well known, and highly documented, risk factors of the effect stressors can have in contributing toward anxiety and depression.

School Of Resilience Workshop

This counselling workshop is developed for children, teenagers and parents/caretakers to equip you with life-skills, develop abilities to cope and thrive in the face of negative events, challenges, and adversity.