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Would you like to feel more in control of yourself and your life? Counselling can help you!

Counselling therapy can create a number of positive benefits which can enhance your life. Exploring your thoughts in a confidential environment with a professional, non-judgmental therapist can make you feel less alone and give you the opportunity to be able to sort out your thoughts and ideas in a proactive way. Counselling therapy can expand your self-awareness and understanding of your thoughts. This often improves self-confidence and self-esteem. You begin to feel better about yourself and life in general. There is a lot of evidence in psychological studies that support counselling therapy and its mental and physical health benefits. By using integrative therapies, we are able to create a holistic healing environment where you can explore and strengthen yourself. Counselling can improve your wellbeing, health, self-knowledge. It can make you feel more organized, motivated and inspired.

While it is beneficial to be open with friends, family and loved ones, often delicate matters will require the judgment-free, confidential space provided by a professional. Counselling is a collaborative process between the counsellor and you. You are the project. Counselling provides an opportunity for you to examine your thoughts and gain a more robust level of self-awareness. This can lead to improved self-esteem and greater clarity of purpose. Too often are we left trying to organize thoughts on our own, and counselling is the first step in gaining that sense of clarity, developing a plan of action, setting healthy boundaries, and achieving our goals.

If you’ve had a turbulent childhood or endured traumatic experiences, counselling is especially helpful in sorting through the chaos. Counselling doesn’t just stop at remedying a trauma from your past but is also about providing you with tools that allow you to cope with future crises as they arise. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of counselling and its positive effects on the mind and body. At QLV Psychology we believe in your potential, and central to this process is identifying the most suitable counselling technique to uncover the core issues that are preventing you from being the best possible version of yourself you can be. Everyone is different and we have a wide range of expertise in numerous therapeutic strategies tailored to each client’s needs.


Hypnosis is widely used in many countries and cultures to help overcome addiction and psychological difficulties and was approved as a therapeutic practice by the British Medical Association in 1955 and the American Medical Association in 1958. The Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc states hypnosis is characterized by:

  • Feelings of wellbeing
  • Increased muscle relaxation
  • Predominating alpha brain waves
  • An enhanced ability to access memories
  • An enhanced ability to accept new ideas about yourself if they are not in conflict with your values

By tapping into the profound creativity and healing potential of the unconscious mind, you can access a part of yourself that has the power to change ingrained habits or negative thoughts. Real change occurs in the unconscious mind. Under hypnosis, the overly critical, judgmental and limiting conscious mind is in a relaxed and focused state of attention allowing the unconscious mind to be more present, and therefore open to healing.


“In one study, Montgomery and colleagues tested the effectiveness of a 15-minute pre-surgery hypnosis session versus an empathic listening session in a clinical trial with 200 breast cancer patients. In a 2007 article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (Vol. 99, No. 17), the team reported that patients who received hypnosis reported less post-surgical pain, nausea, fatigue, and discomfort. The study also found that the hospital saved $772 per patient in the hypnosis group, mainly due to reduced surgical time. Patients who were hypnotized required less of the analgesic lidocaine and the sedative propofol during surgery.” - Source: American Psychological Association (

Counselling Brisbane

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Conveniently situated in our office South Bank, for individual sessions, or in the Brisbane Metro area for group workshops, QLV Psychology provides counselling services in a caring, empathetic environment under the guidance of a professional.

Home Visit Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Is your home your personal sanctuary? A place of respite? We can come to you to help you find inner peace

If you prefer the comfort of your home, home visits for counselling sessions and hypnotherapy are available to some areas in Brisbane. Starting from an additional $35, depending on parking availability and distance, home visits can be an ideal option if you would prefer to open up to a professional in a space that’s more familiar to you.

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