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If you live in the Brisbane area and are struggling with unresolved issues, QLV Psychology can help.

We want you to live a fulfilling life, so take the first step on your path toward having full control over your life and contact us at 1300 994 948 or Our counselling services have helped a broad range of people of all ages, with a variety of issues, to see value in themselves, maintain healthy boundaries, and cope with stressful situations and changes. If you are burdened with an impediment that makes coming to us difficult, we can come to you!

Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia, and also the home of QLV Psychology. QLV stands for Quantum Leap Vision, and we believe in significant change, personal growth and profound insight. We provide a confidential, caring space where you can confront your issues, with a compassionate professional, and gain a deeper awareness of what you truly desire in life. This leads to ongoing results outside of counselling as well. You’ll notice a marked improvement in how you see yourself and your general wellbeing. We will help you make sense of your thoughts and address your difficult emotions, increasing your self-knowledge and capability in life. This is also the best way to alleviate a number of stress and anxiety related disorders that manifest themselves as physical pain, irregular sleeping patterns, lethargy, lack of concentration, restricted creativity, and more.


Counselling Services

We provide Integrative Therapy that identifies the best range of counselling techniques for you.

Integrative Therapy is a holistic approach to therapy that recognises the distinctive qualities in each individual and aims to provide a selection of therapies attuned to your specific needs. Integrative therapy offers a more accommodating form of counselling than the more inflexible configurations of traditional psychotherapy.

QLV Psychology also provides Clinical Hypnotherapy as part of its suite of counselling services in Brisbane. We can unlock the source of your various neuroses, and other key traumas, and pointpoint the source of the unhelpful clutter blocking your psyche from accessing your inner creativity and healing potential. The hypnotist works collaboratively with you, and your unconscious, in investigating the underlying bad habits and defeatist attitudes that are preventing you from becoming your ideal self.

As the world’s labour force becomes increasingly automated in the coming decade, and the proliferation of jobs are taken over by machines ranging from self-driving vehicles to accounting and even low level coding, increasingly more individuals will suffer from a sense of meaninglessness and an ensuing sense of hopelessness due to this existential dread. It’s now becoming more vital than ever that we seek out solutions to resolve our issues, and even work to curtail this angst, due to the increased difficulty of finding meaningful work, by learning resilience. Our children, more than anyone else will need the ability to be stronger and more resilient than ever before. QLV Psychology provides counselling workshops for this exact purpose. Of particular note, is our School of Resilience, quickly gaining popularity in its efficacy in providing children, teenagers, and adults with the tools needed to manage stress effectively during the rapidly changing environment of the modern world.

Home Visit Counselling

We offer home visit counselling in Brisbane! If you find that your initial session with us would be better suited to the comfort of your own home then we can happen that happen. It may simply be a matter of preference or convenience. Alternatively, you might have difficulty coping with the outside world, and that is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact you may even be hoping to remedy a fear of the outside world or large crowds in general. Perhaps you’re limited in your mobility. Whatever the reason, QLV Psychology will bring our full range of integrative therapies to you. Starting from an additional $10, depending on the distance and parking availability. Please [click here] to find out more about home visit counselling services.


Please contact QLV Psychology on 1300 994 948 or to book an appointment and for the warmest welcome to the start of a better life.


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QLV Psychology is situated in one of Inner Brisbane’s most vibrant cultural destinations, offering weekend markets, vegan options, an eclectic range of activities for kids and adults, museums, festivals, tours, and other delightful restaurants and cocktail bars for the peckish. These options are accommodating toward a wide range of budgets and tastes.

Sometimes it might feel as if there is no way out and that you’re alone in this world. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Counselling is a great first step in getting to the root cause of your issues, and building a reliable, trustworthy support network.