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Reaching out for help isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign that you need someone who can help you realise your strengths.

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Contact QLV Psychology on 1300 994 948 to get in touch with Natalia Morozoff for a caring, confidential, and judgment-free chat.

Natalia’s recognizes that no two people are the same and will identify the best therapeutic approach for you. Everyone’s pain is unique, and with care and empathy, she will ensure that the right healing approach is applied to your set of experiences and challenges.

At QLV Psychology we can assist you in managing the concerns in your life and finding the tranquillity and harmony hidden in you in a non-judgmental, professional environment. Natalia has a Master of Education, a Diploma of Psychology, a Diploma of Counselling, a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and Pranic Psychotherapy qualifications. Currently completing a Master of Psychotherapy. Natalia is always open in the discovery of the latest evidence in the psychological field and, with this attitude, she is continually advancing in her profession.

Adults, adolescents, and children are welcome. Sessions can be one-off or multiple, depending on the client’s individual needs and treatment plan.


Everyone experiences suffering, some greater than others, and at QLV Psychology we won’t judge you for reaching out for help.

Nietzsche put it succinctly: “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find something worth suffering for.” This is important to consider as too often people buy into the hoax that chasing fleeting moments of happiness is what will solve their issues. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you have nothing to live for, any suffering, however small, becomes utterly unbearable. The key is to lead a life worthwhile and purposeful, a life worth suffering for. When you do this, pain becomes merely an obstacle to be overcome and learned from, not an insurmountable barrier that traps you in isolation.



Don’t let yourself believe that you aren’t worth helping, you can email Natalia at: 

By Appointment Only

62 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, QLD 4101

South Brisbane and West End

Centrally located, South Brisbane and West End boasts a wealth of cultural sights and sounds. From South Bank Parkland, markets and food stalls to live music venues. And let’s not overlook the rich tapestry of restaurants with tantalising cuisines from across the world. There is no shortage of activity in the vibrant South Brisbane and West End with its op-shops and bookstores. Be sure to pay them a visit before or after your session with QLV Psychology.

Begin working on you!

To find out if QLV Counselling and Hypnotherapy is for you, phone us on 1300 994 948 for an obligation-free chat.
QLV Psychology offers bookings with reasonable, cost effective pricing.


Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy session

  • Base $215 - hour session
  • Plus $180 hourly rate for extra time
Individual Counselling

Counselling sessions can be in person or over the phone

  • $180 per hour
Couple / Small Group Counselling

2-to 4 people Counselling Sessions can be in person or over the phone 

  • $210 - per hour
Public Speaking

Custom made presentations can be in a form of Keynotes, Workshops, Training Programs, Breakout Sessions.

Home Visits

Travel expenses $100 - per hour (min. $50 fee) 

Group Therapies and Programs

Group Therapies, Training Workshops, Seminars or other educational and motivational programs can be developed/customised to suit your requirments.  

For more information about some upcoming group therapies, workshops, and educational programs click here


We look forward to hearing from you. All provided information is private and confidential.



Medibank Provider, NDIS, Acacia EAP, D'Accord EAP, Doctors Health Fund rebates for members who hold Top Hospital or Top Extra cover.